martes, 1 de junio de 2021

Tiny Review: Awake in Spring


Text version:

I'm terrible at writing reviews or recommending books. I'm either way too excited, and I feel like I want to hug the book or because I feel frustrated and furious with the author. There's nothing in between. Most of the time I regret my behavior because I know that it's likely that the author may have enjoyed the writing process.

This poetry book written in Spanish falls in the first category. I'm a slow reader and it took me weeks to finish it. Each poem relates to other books I've read, and made me wonder that it would be amazing to spend an evening drinking tea with Lenina. I was happy to find a contemporary author with such mature style at her young age.

I tend to close poetry books that transmit unclear drama, or that tend to be way too romantic (or love haters). Her book was not the case.

It transmits universal thoughts and feelings beyond love, like the quest for knowledge, human existence, childhood memories and what is like feeling those memories. It felt like I was inside Lenina's daily thoughts on existence. I wish her the best in her writing career.

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