martes, 1 de junio de 2021



Have you ever visited a library? Do you have a favorite one? I would like to know. Lately I've been wanting to grab some snacks and just walk to the nearest library. When I was young, I enjoyed the one at school and later during my undergraduate years the library became my home. Those were though years for me at home. I never felt being enough there.

I bought this beautiful magazine three years ago, because I love libraries. I can't get enough of its content. It talks about libraries, public, private ones, and how it shapes readers and writers. How it shapes societies, and it speaks about times when Egyptian kings had libraries in remote cities aiming to have a universal knowledge.

Is this possible? We don't know, but the path is fun, and we do enjoy walking surrounded by old encyclopedias. There's one I intend to attend, it's near my home and belonged to Cesar Brañas. I would like to see what kind of books he collected.

One of the articles shares the library of the philosopher Michel de Montaigne who believed that us readers should enjoy good books. He never aimed to accumulate amount of pages read. Do you agree with him?

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