jueves, 26 de agosto de 2021

My fav tea shops in Guatemala


Tea shops in Guatemala
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This post is an invitation to know more about our tea culture in Guatemala city. I know that we live in a coffee culture country, but there are options for non-coffee drinkers or curious wanderers. For those that enjoy spending a nice evening watching the sunset while drinking tea.

My top favs are:


My #1 tea shop is Caravasar. Their blends are mystical, and I miss going to their restaurant. They do have an online shop, they launch monthly discounts. You should explore their catalog to find infusions and teas such as Oolong, Pu-erh, Masala, Rooibos, and more.

Tea Shop

This is my #2 tea shop. Their food menu includes special blends to enhance the flavor. The location in zone 10 is cozy and you can drink a delicious flavored Matcha with chocolate or peach. They also handle a blend that tastes like pumpkin spice among others.

Pachamama Blends

On #3 we have Pachamama Blends. I went to their shop in Antigua Guatemala and I loved that I was able to customize my blend. They purchase dried fruits, chocolate, and spices from local farms and they're experts when it comes to preparing mocktails. They even built a special blend named Guatemalan Breakfast, to honor the fruity flavors of our country. Like the English Breakfast.


This is my #4 and I miss their store so much. I tasted a special blend under a huge tree. The store had tons of bins full of tea, books and I may say that they introduced me to the fascinating world of loose leaves.  

⭐ My home (lol, I know)

I know, this is funny, but I didn't have a fifth option. My kitchen is my #5 because here I was able to master the most known masala chai. You can build your own tisanes by buying everyday spices and herbs at the local market. I encourage you to experiment with mint, cinnamon, cardamom, there´s no place like your kitchen. 

I´m sure there are more spots, but most of them are resellers from the local shops that I mentioned.

lunes, 23 de agosto de 2021

Stop trying to please a robot


I found this reel written by boringfriends on Instagram, and I just want to say thank you.

1. Stop trying to please a robot.

2. Make art for yourself and make whatever you want.

3. Yes, it's art. It's not "content". Whatever it is you're making, it's creative and it came from your brain. You made art. Nice work!

4. Post that art at any time of day. Or instead of posting it, print it out and put it on your wall.

5. Have some friends over and show them all your cool new wall art.

6. Likes are meaningless, view are meaningless. Don't base your definition of success on these pointless metrics.

7. Don't tie your self-worth to an app that manipulates your emotions in exchange for engagement and profit.

8. Call your parents.

9. Make spaghetti, feed your real life friends.

10. Love yourself!

I forgot that I do collages, read and exist because I love it. Not to please an algorithm.


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