lunes, 3 de mayo de 2021

Spell bags


There used to be an old lady who knit spell bags for the witches around the world. She was famous among the most prestigious academies and built a unique spell to craft so many pieces at the same time. Of course, there were witches who knit their own, but the sense of the fabric and its power didn´t feel the same.

When she passed away a few acquaintances went to her house and while cleaning they found her notebooks full of drawings and instructions on how she knitted such spell bags. When they touched her manuscripts they all became butterflies and flew away into different directions, her knowledge was gone and the power along with the new bags too. 

Most witches don´t know that such spell bags existed. They buy brand new designs in bulk at magic shops or they buy a few at second-hand places. A few bags remain in museums, lost or the young witches inherit them. A few librarians and witches wrote books collecting what other colleagues knew about her. However, nobody is able to reproduce her designs. They say that the idea itself was cursed by her so nobody could replicate her masterpiece.

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